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5 Steps to becoming a Certified Holistic Practitioner

So you've decided to follow your passion and train as a holistic therapist. Now it's time to learn how to become a certified practitioner.

We are am Award Winning training providers who offers holistic and alternative therapies as well as ongoing support to actually work professionally as an income earning practitiner. Our goal is to ensure that we offer high quality courses & ongoing support enabling individuals to receive the best possible route to success.

Finding the ideal training provider can be an overwhelming task, but just looking at our consistently awrded 5 star reviews you can rest assured that you'll find the right high quality course for your needs.

Here are five steps to becoming a certified holistic practitioner:

  1. Use our website to find a CCHH certified holistic course – with our courses being both Internationally Accredited & Professionally Certified.

  2. Select and complete your CCHH certified training course.

  3. Receive your certificate of completion from the CCHH certified course.

  4. Apply to become a CCHH graduate member of our Ongoing Practitioner Support group. If you’ve completed a CCHH certified course, we guarantee your application will be accepted.

  5. Follow the Course2Clients programme in the group to help you set up properly - You’re now a certified holistic practitioner and can offer your services to clients. WELL DONE!

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